Project Structure

User requirements and open architecture specification
This workpackage includes: (1) user requirements recording, (2) description of use cases, (3) methodology for points of interest selection and highlighting, (4) specification of input objects, (5) system architecture design and (6) specification of pilot testing methodology.

Responsible Partner: TETRAGON
Technologies for spatio-temporal interconnection of multiple spaces and events of environmental, cultural and touristic interest
This workpackage includes: (1) automated knowledge extraction from social networks and the web, (2) semantic integration of information, (3) creating of semantically coherent routes, (4) personalisation of user experience, (5) personalised tours using augmented reality, (6) semi-automatic content collection from sensors, and (7) search and retrieval of 3D objects.

Responsible Partner: CERTH
System for integrated touristic routes
This workpackage includes the design of (1) user interfaces, (2) user experience, and the devlopemnt of (3) the inegrated web platform, (4) mobile applications, (5) user feedback system, and (6) interconnection of digital and natural environment.

Responsible Partner: CERTH
Pilot testing and evaluation
This workpackage includes (1) the development of pilot applications, (2) their evaluation and validation, and (3) dissemination and exploitation of project results.

Responsible Partner: LINK