4th project meeting

The 4th project meeting of e-tracer was successfully held online on 11 February 2021 and was organised by the CERTH.

The meeting presented the progress of the project, the timetable for implementation with the milestones that have been raised and discussed topics related to each work package.

The meeting focused on the preparation of pilot systems, the applications and functions they will include, as well as where and how they will be conducted.

There was a demonstration and presentation of the online route creation platform, of the augmented reality (AR) applications for personalized tour and the physical and digital interface system with the mixed reality application.

Moreover the methodology for selecting a Point of Interest, the system, the architecture of the system, the search and extraction of knowledge from different sources with integration of information and the personalization of user experience were presented in final versions.

The new partner of the LINK Technologies S.A. project participated in the meeting.

Presentations were held by all partners on their tasks in the project, followed by interesting discussions on the implementation of the project, the first pilot implementation and the next steps for each work module were defined.